Pro X2. Built for thetactical edge.

Smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective than any other mesh radio communications system.

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Pro X2

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Mesh. Ready for
your next adventure.

Share real-time locations and send private or group messages to other goTenna Mesh users at point-to-point ranges typically up to 4 miles.

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Unlock thelast mile.

Our Aspen Grove™ mesh networking protocols are designed to meet the demands of complex operating environments.

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Mesh networking technology has existed for decades — but most industry standards prioritize high bitrate over range. In off-grid environments, goTenna’s low capacity networks can scale more efficiently and more cost-effectively, extending multi-hop, peer-to-peer connectivity even further off the grid.

Platform design principles

  • Low-Cost
    Lightweight, inexpensive devices lower traditional barriers for entry.
  • Low-Power
    Efficient transmissions extend device battery life for lasting mobility.
  • Long Range
    Novel zero-control-packet routing maximizes network scalability.
  • Easy to use
    Paired mobile apps provide familiar interfaces and computing capacity.
  • Programmable
    Out-of-the-box developer tools enable seamless integrations and new applications.

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Quote from Tech Crunch“Longer range, more programmable wireless parameters, compatibility with various legacy systems — the Pro and new Pro X versions of the goTenna system hit a lot of sweet spots.”

Quote from The Washington Post“What makes goTenna Mesh unique is that it allows people to create a special network to stay in touch with others when telecommunications fail.”

Quote from Jane's by IHS Markit“Smaller, lighter, and cheaper than any other tactical comms system.”


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