goTenna creates distributed comm­un­i­ca­tion networks that increase scale, resiliency, and access.

Communications is the keystone of all fundamental facilities and systems, but today’s infrastructure must evolve in order to meet 21st century needs. At goTenna, we are working on advancing universal access to connectivity by decentralizing it.

goTenna builds next-generation wireless architectures to power bottom-up communications networks that get stronger as they grow. We focus on low-power, low-cost, modular mobile ad-hoc networking protocols and devices that are easy-to-use and developer-friendly. Our parallel networks are designed to both enable completely off-grid communication and augment traditional systems by extending the practical edge of connectivity.


Daniela Perdomo

Co-founder & CEO

Jorge Perdomo

Co-founder & Chief evangelist

Raphael Abrams

Hardware engineer

Tom Colligan

Software engineer

Josh Makinda

Software engineer

Nicholas Baker

Operations manager

Warren Ramanathan

Director, QA engineering

Derrick Patterson

Executive & operations assistant

Jin Chen

Hardware engineer

Rahul Subramany

Product manager

Shawn Hurt

VP, retail sales

Christophe Servaes

Firmware engineer

Russ Dauer


Mike Nolfi

Director, supply chain & manufacturing

Danielle Naven

Community partnerships manager

Seth Foster

Firmware engineer

Ivan Antipov

QA engineer

Tanmay Patel

QA engineer

Ram Ramanathan

Chief scientist

Sam de Gracia

Art director

Jim Schueren

VP, institutional sales

Virginia Hamilton

Customer experience manager

Ryan Bobrowski

Software engineer

Eamon O'Connor

Content & community editor

Wendy Weisman

VP, finance

Ed Trujillo

Software engineer

Matt Finnegan

Software engineer

Dhan Suresh

Software engineer

Nathan Pirie

Military business development manager

Christie Novotny

Consumer marketing lead

Joe Aranda

Director, business operations

Keerthi Chitti

QA intern