goTenna awarded $22.3M to increase mission effectiveness by delivering end-to-end off-grid connectivity through ruggedized mobile mesh networks

Aug 15, 2022

About goTenna

goTenna is advancing universal access to connectivity by building the world's most intelligent and scalable mobile mesh networks. goTenna is the world's leading mobile mesh networking company, providing off-grid connectivity solutions for smartphones and other devices, as well as augmenting traditional communications networks. This technology enables mobile, long-range connectivity without cell, wifi, or satellite connectivity. goTenna's drive to create resilient connectivity began during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 when approximately a third of cell towers and power stations in affected areas failed. goTenna's products are currently used by over 300 law enforcement, military, and public safety agencies worldwide. goTenna is backed by investors including Founders Fund, Union Square Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Collaborative Fund, and Bloomberg Beta.

Press Contact

Under this contract, goTenna will provide CBP with low-bandwidth mesh network radios, hardware, training, and development to advance border situational awareness for a total contract value of $24.9 million.

JERSEY CITY, NJ (August 15, 2022) — goTenna, the world’s leading mobile mesh networking platform, announced it secured a $22.3M funded, $24.9M ceiling SBIR Phase III contract with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to support the deployment of hardware, including goTenna’s Pro X and goTenna Pro X2 mesh radios, training, as well as development to expand the Agent Visualization Program (AVP). AVP is a transformational program that improves the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement officers by providing comprehensive situational awareness of both fellow agents and unknown actors in the border enforcement zone. AVP utilizes Commercial-off-The-Shelf (COTS) cell phones, COTS TAK software, goTenna mesh radios, and other accessories. Agents with AVP and mesh radio capabilities can maintain connectivity in some of the harshest off-grid border environments while supporting critical missions such as countering human trafficking and humanitarian rescues. 

Under this contract, goTenna will provide goTenna Pro X and goTenna Pro X2 mesh radios, Bunker TAK power packs, and Juggernaut.Case IMPCT cases, in addition to training and developing new mesh capabilities. 

“The AVP program is one of the greatest capabilities CBP and USBP have deployed to save lives. Agents using AVP are better able to keep themselves safe as well as render aid and rescue to those in need within the border enforcement zone. We are proud to team with Bunker and Juggernaut to provide these life-saving capabilities to USBP and CBP,” said goTenna’s Chief Executive Officer, Ari Schuler. 

The Bunker TAK Power Kit (TPK) is a MOLLE-compatible, wearable power delivery system for phones, tablets, mesh network radios, and other peripheral devices. Designed to MIL-STD durability standards, its rugged design is reliable across natural disaster responses, extended expeditions, military operations, and other demanding outdoor missions. Capable of both wireless and line-out charging, the TAK Power Kit has a 20,000mAh capacity with both solar and line-in inputs for extended runtime and off-grid sustainment.

Bunker is proud to provide CBP agents with essential equipment that improves situational awareness and increases mission effectiveness. By extending uptime of ATAK devices and augmenting operational use, agents are better equipped in their pursuit to protect the American people, safeguard our borders, and enhance our nation's economic prosperity,” said Bunker CEO Ryan Olson.

As part of this award, users will receive over 15,000 Juggernaut.Case IMPCT phone cases that go beyond MIL-Spec standards for drop protection and lock securely into our entire ecosystem of body-worn and vehicle mounts. CBP agents utilize our Belt.Mount that integrates with an adjustable Tek-Lok clip for quick, easy access to their device.

“Juggernaut.Case is honored to provide the phone case and mount solution as part of CBP’s Agent Visualization Program. Situational awareness and direct comms between team members are essential to safe and effective field operations. Our goal is to protect vulnerable devices so agents can complete a successful mission,” adds Jennifer Ortiz, Head of Sales & Marketing at Juggernaut.Case.

In addition to the protective gear, Syzygy Integration will provide integration, software development, and testing.

"Syzygy and goTenna worked hand in hand to deliver new capabilities to US Border Patrol. This contract continues that partnership to ensure agents are operating with the best capabilities possible,” said Wesley Mitchell, President, and CEO of Syzygy Integration.

This contract continues to build upon goTenna’s expansion of capabilities beyond the best-of-its-kind ultra-low C-SWaP mesh radio products. Some of these capabilities were showcased in awards to the Air Force for an AFWERX X22.1 Phase II award to develop and enhance capabilities for the Texas Air National Guard, NSF SBIR Phase I for IoT protocol development, as well as goTenna’s first place prize in the Navy’s Warfare System Commands (NAVWAR) Networks Advanced Naval Technology Exercise.

"goTenna's ability to deliver hardware, training and development capabilities through this contract demonstrates the continued maturation of goTenna as a mission-focused company that can meet the needs of challenging missions such as those of Border Patrol and CBP," said Trae Stephens, goTenna Board Director, and Partner at Founders Fund.

The contract began on June 9, 2022, with product delivery and training underway. The contract is anticipated to run until June 8, 2023.  



About Bunker

Bunker Supply is a design-forward US military contractor, developing and manufacturing optimized equipment for agents in the field. Bunker Supply exists to optimize operator capabilities and safety through innovation and human-centered design.

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Juggernaut.Case provides combat-proven gear for your device. We protect, mount, and connect smartphones and tablets for use in rugged environments.

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Headquartered in Conshohocken, PA, Syzygy Integration LLC is a company focused on providing next-generation situational awareness to those that protect the homeland. Our suite of products includes SNAP (Sensor Network Access Point), TAK.Team (commercially available TAK infrastructure), Argos (dismounted sensor suite), and full software and cloud development services for next-generation situational awareness. Syzygy also provides custom ATAK and iTAK development for sensor, communication, and information integration. For more information and to learn about career opportunities, please contact us at and visit us at