goTenna Edge Relay
goTenna Edge Relay
goTenna Edge Relay
goTenna Edge Relay
goTenna Edge Relay

Edge Relay.
Connect Anywhere.
Extend range.

A permanent solution to keeping your goTenna charged is finally here. The goTenna Edge Relay is a discreet, rugged, and portable deployable mesh network node that will provide sensor integration and device relay capabilities to improve operator situational awareness in any domain. Made in USA.
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Expand Range

Tested to 45 miles of extended range.

Flexible Power

Charge by solar or fixed AC/DC power.


IP65+ rated and designed for austere environments.

ATAK Compatible

Can be configured through the ATAK app.

Swappable Antennas

Use the included antennas or use your own.

Persistent Coverage

Autonomous operation and remote monitoring.

Rapidly Deployable

One operator can set up in minutes.

We extend connectivity in some of the most challenging operations in the world. Trusted by these partners, and many more.

U.S. Customers and Border Protection


147th Air Support Operations Squadron

National Science Foundation

Frequently asked questions

What is a goTenna Edge Relay?

The goTenna Edge Relay is a power-independent and resilient node designed specifically to enhance your network's coverage in ad-hoc and continuous operations, ensuring unwavering communication.

What is unique about the goTenna Edge Relay?

The goTenna Edge Relay is our very first ad-hoc infrastructure product. Customers no longer have to build their own permanent relay when they require a constant power source to a node for days at a time.

Who uses the goTenna Edge Relay?

The goTenna Edge relay is intended for anyone with enduring missions in the edge environment. This product is designed to be left outside in austere conditions for multi-day missions.

Is the goTenna Edge Relay waterproof?

When closed and locked, the goTenna Edge Relay will be sealed and protected from dust and water ingress with an IP65+ rating.

What is required for installing a goTenna Edge Relay?

The installation of the goTenna Edge Relay may vary based on mounting platforms. Most mounted configurations should take less than five minutes with one person. We recommend using a screwdriver or power drill for mounting the product to your desired platform.

Can goTenna install my goTenna Edge Relay for me?

We offer a goTenna Relay Installation guide for our customers. goTenna also offers training packages for installation and support. We recommend attaching the goTenna Edge Relay to poles, trees and other types of sturdy structures.

How many goTenna Edge Relays do I have to order to get coverage for a certain geographic area?

goTenna has a dedicated team of Forward Deployed Engineers (FDEs), comprising seasoned veterans from special operations and communication expertise. These highly skilled professionals are available to assist you in mapping out your requirements upon request.

What are the power options for the goTenna Edge Relay

The goTenna Edge Relay comes with a solar panel but it can also take Direct Current (DC) power. It also comes with the AC to DC converter for ground power connectivity. You can switch between solar and ground power at any time.

What are the licensing requirements to operate the goTenna Edge Relay?

goTenna Pro X2 is designed for professional use and offers user-selectable frequencies in the VHF (142 - 175MHz) and UHF (445 - 480MHz) bands. These frequencies may require an FCC Part 90 license to operate in the United States. If you have questions about radio frequency licensing requirements or intend to use goTenna Pro X2 in another country, please contact us here.

How much is the goTenna Edge Relay?

Contact us for pricing here or by filling out the form below.

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