Core Purpose

Transforming how operators connect during critical missions.

goTenna’s unique off-the-grid encrypted communication capability is ready to enhance operational effectiveness across a variety of mission spaces.

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The goTenna mission

We develop and deliver innovative communication technology and solutions for people who keep us safe.

We move the most mission-critical data in austere and comms-denied environments.
We're hiring

goTenna’s product portfolio of interoperable, lightweight, mesh networking technology, fixed relay infrastructure, and software solutions enables military, law enforcement, and public safety operators to perform their missions safely.

goTenna allows you to build, own and trust your network.

goTenna is the only mobile mesh networking company in the world that provides inexpensive, lightweight off-grid connectivity with an easy-to-use interface for long-range communications tested at over 100 miles point-to-point line-of-sight in real-world scenarios.

Core values What we stand for

We support over 350 agencies in mission-critical operations around the world.

Meet the team

Our best work is born from collaboration, ownership, grit and partnership in mission.

  • Ari Schuler

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Andrea Garrity

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Avi Shafar

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Charlie Greenbacker

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Shawn Hurt

    Director, Sales Operations

  • Ivan Antipov

    Sr. Quality Engineer

  • Matt Finnegan

    Software Engineer

  • Christie Novotny

    Director, Digital Marketing

  • Kevin Durkin

    Senior Visual Designer

  • Mike Robinson

    Director of Product

  • Daniel Prado Rodriguez

    Engineering Operations Manager

  • Elan Frantz

    Principal Product Architect

  • Luke Stewart

    V.P. of CX

  • Natalia Sorto

    Associate Director, Content and Digital Marketing

  • Dean Mason

    Senior Compliance Manager

  • Alon Mor

    Product Manager

  • Nazrin Karimli

    Logistics & Operations Manager

  • Kyle Karren

    S.V.P. Hardware Engineering & Logistics

  • Natasha Davis

    Accounting Manager

  • Ashley Solan

    V.P. of Human Resources

  • David Butler

    Lead Electrical Engineer

  • Ziliang "Sam" Chen

    Android Engineer

  • Bryant Guerin

    Sr. Forward Deployed Engineer

  • Lon Saline

    Sr Mechanical Engineer

  • Eric Engman

    Sr Mobile Software Engineer

  • Dmitrii Dugaev

    Research Scientist

  • Michael Reagan

    Sr. Forward Deployed Engineer

  • Ya Ma

    Director of Finance

  • Brian Cooper

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Jameson Morgan

    Director of Partnerships

  • Doug Johnson

    Manager of Contract Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • Joshua Jack

    Customer Success Specialist

  • Adam Johns

    Senior Android Engineer

  • George Servino

    Sr. Forward Deployed Engineer

  • Anne Braga

    DevOps Engineer

  • Ryan Conyac

    Sr. Android Engineer

  • Nick Calley

    Corporate Recruiting

  • Marcel Fontanez

    Buyer / Planner

  • Yoshina Glenn

    Business Development Associate

  • Rene Alfonso

    Associate Director of Mobile Software

  • Brian Robinson

    RF Engineer

  • Valerie Cumbie

    Associate Director of Quality Engineering

  • Kolton Copple

    Forward Deployed Engineer

  • Michael Bergen

    VP of DHS and Partnership

  • Tom Ramsay

    Sr. Solutions Architect

  • Chris Leuenberger

    Sr. SDET

  • Aaron Carl

    CX Manager

  • David Young

    Firmware Engineer Lead

  • Huy To

    Sr. Android Engineer

  • Max Brodsky

    Android Engineer

  • Monique Sanchez

    Sr. Customer Success Specialist

  • Maxim Belotserkovsky

    SDR Engineer

  • Eric Fujihara

    FDE Engineer

  • Eric Reed

    Sr. Forward Deployed Engineer

  • Nikolas Mezias

    Director of Product Management

  • Davron Zakhidov

    Foward Deployed Engineer

  • Keri Lilly

    Manual QA Engineer

  • Abi Lugo

    Sr. Forward Deployed Engineer

  • Davis Pearson

    Sr. Android Engineer

  • Kelly Pernia

    VP of Program Management

  • Matthew Skonovd

    Associate Director of DHS

  • Sevgi Ayemir

    SDET Engineer

  • Chris Souza

    Firmware Engineer

  • Brian Cornelius

    Director of Software Engineering

  • Michael Ellis

    System Integration Test Engineer

  • Ryan Coffey

    Electrical Engineer

  • Scott Evans

    Product Manager

  • Chris Boyd

    VP of Product

  • Victor Iachim


  • Jay Johnson

    Partner Business Development Manager

  • Brandon Brocker

    Sr. Embedded Network Engineer

  • Peter O'Shea

    Assoc. Director of CBP

  • Jonathan Lu

    Flutter Engineer

  • Caleb Phillips

    Firmware Engineer

  • Rachael Schochet

    Assoc Dir of DOJ

  • Fred Newcome

    Director SOCOM & Defense Sales

  • William Hurst

    Firmware Manager

  • John Barchie

    Information Security Director

  • Timothy Miller

    Director of CX

  • Bradley Bramble

    Program Manager

  • Keith Christiansen

    Senior Proposal Manager

  • Dennis Cunningham


  • Will Denne

    Android Engineer

  • Travis Price


  • Chris Pietrzak

    VP Solutions Architect

  • Cyrus Wilson

    VP DoD

  • Destyn Blakley

    Business Development Associate

  • Sam Winder

    Technical Project Manager

  • Hannah Searcy

    Graphic Design Intern

  • Connor Smith

    Partnership Intern

Our board

Supporting our mission through experience,
vision, and leadership.

  • Carla Provost

    Board Member

  • Trae Stephens

    Board Member

  • John Levy

    Board Member

  • Albert Wenger

    Board Member

  • Ari Schuler

    CEO & Board Member

Our investors

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