goTenna achieves data transmission of over 126 miles in a point-to-point field test at Tough Stump’s Tech Rodeo

Aug 1, 2022

About goTenna

goTenna is advancing universal access to connectivity by building the world's most intelligent and scalable mobile mesh networks. goTenna is the world's leading mobile mesh networking company, providing off-grid connectivity solutions for smartphones and other devices, as well as augmenting traditional communications networks. This technology enables mobile, long-range connectivity without cell, wifi, or satellite connectivity. goTenna's drive to create resilient connectivity began during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 when approximately a third of cell towers and power stations in affected areas failed. goTenna's products are currently used by over 300 law enforcement, military, and public safety agencies worldwide. goTenna is backed by investors including Founders Fund, Union Square Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Collaborative Fund, and Bloomberg Beta.

Press Contact

The high-altitude test proved goTenna’s feasibility and applications for weather monitoring, surveillance, and space-based applications.

JERSEY CITY, NJ (August 1, 2022) — goTenna, the world’s leading mobile mesh networking platform, announced that a goTenna Pro X transmitted Position, Location, Information (PLI) data at heights of up to over 100,000 feet at Mean Sea Level (MSL) (30,480 meters) at Tough Stump’s Tech Rodeo, an annual off-grid communications and drone expo hosted by Tough Stump Technologies. The goTenna Pro X was paired with a smartphone, a Tough Stump ATOS tag, and a weather balloon. The test validated that the silicone-padded goTenna, a smartphone, and an ATOS tag could function at tropospheric temperatures and air pressure. 

From 100 meters below the sea to 100,000 feet, the ATOS tag has proven resiliency,” said Benjamin Brown, COO of Tough Stump.

The balloon-strapped goTenna Pro X was able to connect to its counterpart located on the ground in Yellowstone National Park, 126 miles (202 km) away breaking its previous point-to-point record of 55 miles that it achieved at the Tough Stump Tech Rodeo last year. The descent lasted approximately 20 minutes, after which a chase vehicle was able to recover the payload. Balloon setup and launch was provided by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division in partnership with Anasphere, Inc.

“This proof of concept will have an impact on how our customers can now confidently use goTenna for high-altitude missions for surveillance, reconnaissance, scientific and space-based communications research,” said goTenna CEO Ari Schuler. “The combination of goTenna’s ultra-low CSWAP form factor and our range capabilities enable the goTenna Pro X to support a wide variety of operational scenarios. This demonstration showed the versatility of our radio and how goTenna can support transformational ISR, communications, and research missions. We are grateful for our partners at Tough Stump for putting on another extraordinary mission-focused tech event.” 

In addition to this high-altitude test, goTenna also tested the validity of a 400 square kilometer area where cell signals and terrestrial networks were unavailable at Urban Canyon Outfitters in the vicinity of Ennis, Montana. The elevation of communication sites ranged from 6,500 feet (1981.2 m) MSL to 8,200 (2,499 m) MSL.