The first wireless platform
for long-range, off-grid
mobile mesh networking.

Develop with the goTenna SDK and unlock your application's capabilities.

  • Free-Form Agnostic Data

    Up to 235 byte payload size and five transmissions per end-user per minute.

  • Multiple Broadcast Options

    Supports fully-encrypted open broadcast, private, and group messaging.

  • Seamless Mesh Networking

    Automatically relays data between goTenna device nodes.

  • Simple Device Pairing

    Manages Bluetooth-LE data interface for iOS and Android.

What's in the kit


Our software developer kit provides out-of-the-box tools to build mesh-enabled mobile apps for goTenna
Pro X Series devices.

Starting with our native text-based messaging and mapping functionality, the possibilities to leverage secure, short-burst data transmissions — across long ranges and completely off the grid — are endless.

Our developer partners have created applications
to track everything from fellow glider pilots high in
the sky to wildland firefighters on a blazing fire line. Whether your mission is adventurous or austere, goTenna’s mesh networking platform will keep you connected.

Each kit includes a full code library and documentation for iOS, Android, or C development.

Why goTenna

Build with
Aspen Grove™

mesh protocols

Our suite of mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) protocols — called Aspen Grove™ — is uniquely built to maximize off-grid connectivity. Our novel zero-control-packet approach securely routes data through multi-hop network nodes — and consistently outperforms current industry standards.

Much like the interconnected root system of an Aspen tree grove, our self-organizing and self-healing mesh networking protocols ensure resilient data communication, even in the toughest environments.

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Pro SDK Build for the tactical edge.

The goTenna Pro SDK allows you to connect your application with a goTenna Pro to send and receive messages and data on a goTenna network.

Supported platforms:
iOS, Android, C

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